“The Rest?”

Why title a blog “The Rest?” Partly because I think it sounds kinda cool but mainly because I borrowed it. I was listening to a Christian radio show and the host used the word or concept of rest multiple times. He talked about reading a very emotional book and needing to put it down periodically. He mentioned our need as humans to trust God and stop trying to do things ourselves. The time the word really stood out to me was when he was talking about church culture today and how we often see it as being made of two groups: the big time, celebrity Christians who have the stage and the influence, and “the rest” who are there to support them and cheer for them.

Now, if that model of the church were proper, I could rightfully claim to be part of “the rest.” I could just sit back and watch the public Christians do the real work. Having read the Bible, I simply can’t do that. We are given example after example in Scripture of ordinary people reaching out and doing their part. Paul, who could be considered one of the first celebrity preachers, repeatedly pointed out seemingly ordinary people who did something simple and started a revolution for Christ. Don’t believe me? Check out Romans chapter 16 for just one of Paul’s lists.

I don’t expect to start a revolution. I don’t even expect to have readers, but if God gives me a thought about Him and I have the ability to share it, I should. Maybe God will use it – and me.


6 thoughts on ““The Rest?”

  1. As a fellow newbie Christian blogger, I wanted to thank you for the encouragement your initial blog post has given to me. I struggle with my motives for blogging, as I want to glorify God and not just seek the approval of men. So, I definitely like the idea that you and I, as writers, should share those thoughts that God gives us about Himself. I hope you’ll continue doing just that. And I hope you’ll check out my blog, “Seeing the Heart,” when you have a few minutes. Thanks again! mgsmith2.wordpress.com

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I’m with you on the struggle to seek the approval of men. I had the idea to start a blog a long time ago, but put it off because I thought I would do better to save up these thoughts and write a devotional book. My main reason for thinking that way was to make money. Probably because of my wrong motive, I never really had the motivation and my ideas just sat in drawers and random notebooks. Not places God can really use them. Starting this blog is sort of my way of giving up my worldly goal. Even touching one person makes it worth while.
      Thanks for sharing your blog with me as well ๐Ÿ™‚

      • This hits home for me too Erin, I have so many journals collecting dust and have thought about a blog… I talk my self out of it thinking that who wants to read what I have have to say, but sometimes saying things helps me to hear them better:)

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