The Lingo

The other day, one of my fellow bird keepers made a sign with information about a new bird in an exhibit and said that it was born at our zoo. When our boss saw the sign, she half-jokingly said, “Birds aren’t born. They hatch.” I’ve heard other bird keepers and scientists being picky about that particular wording as well, but personally, I feel that most visitors don’t really think about there being a difference. While people certainly understand what you mean if you say a chick hatched from an egg, I think it is just as easily understood that if you say “born” it meant that a new life entered the world. So, in that case, I don’t think the bird keeper lingo really mattered.

However, when a visitor walked up to me one day and told me that he hoped I had a bad day, I was a bit confused. The young man clearly had a slight disability, but was extremely friendly and talkative. He told me that he was enjoying his visit to the zoo and that it was his first time at our zoo since he lived in another state. We talked for a moment about the exhibit and about long drives on vacation, then he said, “I hope you have a bad day.” Thankfully, he didn’t leave me wondering too long. He turned around and showed me the back of his shirt. It was a bright, tie-died shirt with a cross at the center of the design. Written inside the cross with permanent marker were the words “Blessed and Delivered.” I smiled and said I hoped he had a B.A.D. day, too.

I’m not sure if he figured out from the conversation that followed that I was a Christian, too, but I don’t think he minded either way. He was just happy to get to share the Source of his joy. While I may eventually forget his lingo, it will take me a long time to forget his boldness and his obvious love for the Lord.


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