The Characters

When I picture a room full of people I have learned valuable lessons from, there is quite an unusual crew surrounding me. Some are tall and some are short; some are clean and some are dirty; some are old and some are young; some are blonde and some are blue. All have their names and stories written for millions to read. Here are a few of them.

Merlin – Power comes with great responsibility for the good of others.



Nightcrawler – “Don’t judge a book by its cover” isn’t just a cliche.



Tony Stark – The soft interior under your armour may be the strongest part of you.

Peter Pevensie – The strongest way to lead is to lean on the strengths of others.

Susan Pevensie – A scientific mind is an asset only when it doesn’t crowd out childlike faith.


Edmund Pevensie – You can move past your mistakes with the love of friends and family.

Lucy Pevensie – The seemingly insignificant things can often be the most valuable.




Severus Snape – Doing good things doesn’t make you a good person.




Johnny Rico – Don’t let people underestimate you, even when they are right.



Kathryn Janeway – When you need to be strong, be very strong, but never forget that you may get just as far or farther with softness and a smile.





Nehemiah – Pursue something you believe in.

Noah – Follow God’s plans.

Samuel – Listen.



Daniel – Quiet, steady faith can be a radical thing.


Fictional characters can feel real to us. Ironically, the real people whose stories are told in the Bible often feel like fictional characters. But whether they came from the mind of an author or the hand of the Author doesn’t change the fact that we can learn from them.


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